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How AAT Works

  • Allergic symptoms are modified via the Autonomic Nervous System which is involved in regulating everything in our bodies.
  • During treatment, gentle pressure is used on back points that correspond with the organ systems involved in a sensitivity reaction.
  • While the stimulation is applied, a digital representation of the allergic substance is transmitted to the surface of the skin. The body recognizes the allergen and associates it with the sedating pressure.
  • This subtle stimulation reflexively reduces the stress on the organ system affected by the allergen, allowing an appropriate response.
  • The reduction of stress to a specific allergen modifies the allergic response quickly.
  • Multiple sensitivities are approached by an algorithm that identifies common components to groups of allergens. Treating the common component will often clear multiple allergens at the same time.
  • If all allergy cases are averaged together (the easiest to most complicated), it may take 4 to 6 treatments to resolve multiple allergies.

Wellness is a reservoir that quickly responds to the daily
challenges of environmental and emotional stress. It is
therefore reasonable to enhance this healing potential with
holistic energy therapies before and not just when ailments

Meet Rosie whose family did not accept that she would only live one or two years. Happy 11th Birthday, Rosie. Keep that wellness working for you.

The Force Be With You. Emotions can remain as energy that dwells between our atomic particles where they can affect subconscious choices. Wellness is resolution of the emotions
that block our pursuit of a full life.

“Hey, my friend. This will help you as well.” The success of energy therapies in all species is validation that it works.