When you have chronic health complaints, would you consider consulting a holistic wellness center? We use a twenty-first century approach to healing at Frontier Wellness Center for Animals and People. Minutes from anywhere in the greater Hartford area, discover how effective our holistic approach to healing can be. Frontier Wellness Center provides effective sustainable health care therapies for animals and for people. At Frontier Wellness Center, we combine quality health care with friendship,

Frontier Wellness Center provides your family with a holistic approach to healing. We are well known as a center that treats humans as well as animals. More importantly, we blend the most effective diagnostic tools with both traditional and cutting edge therapies. The difference between the standard health care model and a holistic approach can be summed up quickly. Many people still call the doctor to relieve them of an isolated issue: joint pain, fever, headaches, digestive issues of all types

Frontier Wellness Center is a holistic wellness leader for the health and well being of Animals and People. We have a caring staff and our business model  is based on friendship and well-being. Frontier Wellness Center is the creation of like minded health providers, people and pets. We provide effective sustainable health care therapies that combine the best cutting edge therapies and traditional western diagnostic techniques. The center in East Granby evolved from a patient-oriented

Frontier Wellness Center in East Granby CT offers holistic healing therapies to human as well as veterinary patients. We are focused on well-being and offer sustainable and safe healing technologies to all our patients. We have a wonderful staff of compassionate health care providers. Frontier Wellness Center combines modern healing technologies with effective traditional techniques to promote healing and well-being. The center in East Granby evolved from a patient oriented veterinary practice t