PEMF - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy

Body tissues heal with PEMF therapy at an accelerated rate. Frontier Wellness Center uses a Magna Wave PEMF device on human as well as veterinary patients in our East Granby office. PEMF devices generate a pulsed electromagnetic field which quickly regenerates damaged or diseased tissues in the body. We are achieving amazing results in the area of pain relief with PEMF in veterinary applications at F

My associate went to a conference where PEMF was presented and she asked if we were ready for something new. We were and got the equipment on trial. If a modality works well for me it ends up at Frontier Wellness Center. Once upon a time I fractured my L1 vertebra in an accident along with numerous other injuries. The orthopedist described the joints and discs above and below the fracture as “all mushed up” while moving his hands as if squishing meat patties. I put it all behind me after

So I started out with the gold fish incident because it gives me a thrill every time I think about it. The presentation was so grave and the response was spectacular. It is the perfect example of depleted energy resources, irreversible loss of cellular function and imminent death brought back from the brink. It is the best case example of how pulsed electromagnetic fields help, improve, maintain and often cure. Also, the fish was not having a placebo response. He’s just swimming in the pond to

Magnetic fields are everywhere.  They contributed to the formation of life and are essential for its maintenance.  Solid research created the equipment we use to help supersized athletes condition safely or recoup faster if injured.  Musculoskeletal problems are the most widely accepted application of PEMF therapy.  Amazingly, some individuals find that other ailments get better as well.  These blogs will be Frontier Wellness Center’s tales of joyful discovery.  O

Mitochondria, the Krebs Cycle, the Electron Pump and several more essential intracellular energy systems were known since the mid 20th century.  It was space exploration and NASA research that revealed the beneficial effects electromagnetic frequencies had on cells.  NASA research went on to discover the best magnetic wave shapes to benefit tissues and stimulate stem cells (the cells that replenish and heal tissues).  All this research is incorporated into the equipment

Electromagnetic Fields occur throughout the universe.  Here on earth magnetic fields are created by the movement of earth’s molten mass and surface crust.  These magnetic fields were part of the essential environment for life to begin.  In our therapeutic equipment electromagnetic fields are created by passing electricity through a metal coil.  The magnetic field is then conducted through an insulated tube to be applied where needed. Every cell of the body moves electrons m