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How/Why Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) works.
• The cause of illness is cell malfunction.
• Every cell in the body needs to be “charged” to stay healthy and alive. When this
electric charge drops cell functions drop as well.
• A malfunctioning cell is slow to replenish this electric charge and delayed
restoration can lead to a chronic state of cell malfunction. This is when symptoms of
illness will appear.
• Pulsating magnetic fields quickly restore the cell’s electric charge and boost
return to healthy function.
• A four year collaborative study by NASA confirmed that PEMF Therapy is safe
and restores cellular electric potential. It also determined the most effective
electromagnetic fields to stimulate repair and growth of tissues.*
• ALL CELLS RESPOND TO PEMF. Health improvements are noticed when
using PEMF Therapy for heal an injury or lameness. PEMF is used to aid treatment of
many disease issues.
What lowers cell surface charge?
• Infection
• Trauma
• Toxins
• Diet
• Stress
• Over exertion
• Sports and high performance activities
. Age
*NASA 4-year collaborative study on the efficacy of electromagnetic fields to stimulate
growth and repair in mammalian tissues.

Wellness is a reservoir that quickly responds to the daily
challenges of environmental and emotional stress. It is
therefore reasonable to enhance this healing potential with
holistic energy therapies before and not just when ailments

Meet Rosie whose family did not accept that she would only live one or two years. Happy 11th Birthday, Rosie. Keep that wellness working for you.

The Force Be With You. Emotions can remain as energy that dwells between our atomic particles where they can affect subconscious choices. Wellness is resolution of the emotions
that block our pursuit of a full life.

“Hey, my friend. This will help you as well.” The success of energy therapies in all species is validation that it works.