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PEMF for use on People

PEMF Therapy maintains healthy tissues, enhances all types of healing and treats pain associated with surgery, trauma, arthritis and disease….

  • Better health is something for which we all strive—it means living longer, better lives. Working toward better health is a daily activity, and requires both physical and mental maintenance. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy can keep our bodies in tune, helping to wash away the physical and mental effects of stress, and keeping our organs running more efficiently.With regular health maintenance, our bodies can respond to minor imbalances before they become debilitating.

  • All 30 trillion cells in our bodies have a life cycle – some are replaced daily, others weekly, others annually, and some only every 7 years. It is an important aspect of health maintenance that we ensure new cells are ‘born’ into a healthy tissue environment. use of PEMF can keep it running smoothly.
  • At Frontier Wellness Center we provide access for personal use via pleasant in office time rental with equipment instruction from our certified therapists. Our therapists will instruct you on how to use the equipment and will assist you for best efficacy but do not diagnose.


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Wellness is a reservoir that quickly responds to the daily
challenges of environmental and emotional stress. It is
therefore reasonable to enhance this healing potential with
holistic energy therapies before and not just when ailments

Meet Rosie whose family did not accept that she would only live one or two years. Happy 11th Birthday, Rosie. Keep that wellness working for you.

The Force Be With You. Emotions can remain as energy that dwells between our atomic particles where they can affect subconscious choices. Wellness is resolution of the emotions
that block our pursuit of a full life.

“Hey, my friend. This will help you as well.” The success of energy therapies in all species is validation that it works.