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Allys Maybank, VMD
– I’ve done all kinds of medicine. Equine, large animal, small animal, exotic and fish medicine which is more cool than I ever expected. To do all that I went to the best veterinary school in the whole world, University of Pennsylvania 1984, became certified in acupuncture in 1989 by I.V.A.S, became certified in chiropractic in 1993 by A.V.C.A. and certified in aquatic animal medicine in 2005 by the Aquavet program at Woodshole, MA. Yes, I have adjusted and acupunctured fish. If you think that is amazing just imagine doing it and seeing the results. I love my profession. My most valued accomplishments? The Veterinary School Faculty’s Award for Academic Achievement and Professional Potential at graduation and galloping across Mongolia.

doctor carla hutt
Dr. Carla Hutt – received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Bastyr University, Seattle WA, in 1998. She also holds a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from University of Bridgeport. She has spent many years in academia as well as private practice and thoroughly enjoys working at Frontier Wellness Center. In addition to general naturopathic treatments, she specializes in Lyme disease and energy medicine. Her favorite new toy is her Trinfinity 8!!! She is a member of ILADS, the International Lyme Disease Society and NHAND, the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

deb sullivan

Deb Sullivan has specialized in cat and dog dental hygiene care for over 14 years.  She trained and refined her skills working in California before moving back home to CT in 2008.  Deb is a lover of all animals, receiving the “Outstanding Penguin Volunteer of the Month” during her work at Mystic Aquarium.  She has a long history of rescue work with animals large and small.  Deb currently shares her home and life with 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a mustang, all rescues…and a lot of tropical fish!  She looks forward to working with you and your pet.

DeeDee Czelazewicz is a self-motivated, and enthusiastic alternative therapy professional with a positive attitude and an insatiable love for all types of animals. DeeDee first became certified Reiki practitioner in 2007, in 2009she received her Advanced Reiki Practitioner degree from Reiki Master, Tonya L. Heartsong. DeeDee has been volunteering at Connecticut Humane Society for over 11 years. At the Humane Society DeeDee works with Dogs, Cats, Chinchillas, Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Ferrets, and Guinea pigs. DeeDee supports our staff by calming our patients and making them feel at ease. DeeDee also assists in prepairing holistic remedies for the doctors. We are blessed to have DeeDee’s healing energy as a part of our staff.


Nick Vince 
Nick Vince went to school for creative writing, so naturally he now works in a field entirely unrelated to that. He spent several years working at Barnes & Noble booksellers, and while he enjoyed the job (in spite of the retail environment), it wasn’t as fulfilling as he would have liked. He heard about Frontier Wellness Center from his mother, Teri, who had been taking their dog Nessa to see Dr. Maybank for several months beforehand. Since starting work here, he has found that he has really taken to the work, as he has always enjoyed a natural affinity with animals, and a comfort and confidence in handling them that translates well to being a veterinary technician. He splits his time at Frontier between working with animals and handling inventory for the office, with a strong preference for the former, but a reliable and stalwart acceptance for the latter. Nick spends his free time hanging out with Nessa, his german shepherd, at home, and has no other pets – her decision, not his. If you see Nick at Frontier, don’t be dissuaded by his grim countenance… he’s probably just thinking about purchase orders, and hoping he gets to pet a dog at some point during the day.


Wellness is a reservoir that quickly responds to the daily
challenges of environmental and emotional stress. It is
therefore reasonable to enhance this healing potential with
holistic energy therapies before and not just when ailments

Meet Rosie whose family did not accept that she would only live one or two years. Happy 11th Birthday, Rosie. Keep that wellness working for you.

The Force Be With You. Emotions can remain as energy that dwells between our atomic particles where they can affect subconscious choices. Wellness is resolution of the emotions
that block our pursuit of a full life.

“Hey, my friend. This will help you as well.” The success of energy therapies in all species is validation that it works.