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“I have suffered with many allergies including the use of cosmetics such as eye shadows and eye liners. They would cause my eyelids to itch, become flaky, red and swollen. After a few AAT treatments to locate the ‘priority’ cause, the allergies have been eradicated! I can now wear cosmetics of choice without any symptoms. Thank you Dr. Maybank!”
Margo E., Collinsville, CT

“Since using the PEMF equipment (my father) has regained use of his paralyzed leg and alleviated almost all pain (severe herpetic neuropathy after shingles infection of the sciatic nerve.) He also has had zero progression of his Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since using PEMF on a daily basis. Thanks for making us aware of the machine that he credits for saving his life.”

“This past summer I purchased 3 sessions of PEMF at Frontier Wellness Center for a shoulder issue: A very painful aggravation of an old injury. It became impossible to sleep, whether on the injured side or the non-injured side and regular activity was difficult. The PEMF treatments did the trick. After the 3rd session the pain was nonexistent. The healing that took place is amazing. I’m still amazed and so happy not to have my exercise routine or regular daily activity hampered by pain.”

“Darla was a senior when I adopted her and she had all manner of health problems. Her maintenance treatment plan includes regular PEMF sessions for pain and arthritis. Recently, Darla had her annual exam with our regular vet. A year prior she had a grade IV murmur and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We were all shocked to discover that she no longer has a heart murmur and her heart rate is normal.”
Sue L.

“The Team at Frontier Wellness Center understand that my dogs are more than just weekend warriors on the agility field. They’re family! Molly, my eldest boxer, at 9½ years, is retired from agility but still enjoys her 4 mile runs and swims as much as she did when she was 2.”

“Jaxon is a young border collie who needed surgery for both shoulders. Right after his first shoulder repair his person sought PEMF therapy. At Jaxon’s surgery re-check, the surgeon was impressed by the speed and quality of Jaxon’s healing, so much so that the other shoulder could be repaired 2 weeks earlier than planned. With PEMF therapy both shoulders were repaired and healed 4 weeks sooner than anticipate.”
Sarai & Randy

“Our horse, Todd, needed some circulation therapy and PEMF really seemed to advance his healing process. I also used PEMF on my shoulder and knees that have been bothering me. It does wonders. I would recommend the treatment to anyone that has aches or pains and cannot seem to get relief from other treatments.”

“Chancellor is an 8 year old German Shepherd who chewed on his feet. He was getting weekly allergy shots for pollen and taking Claritin for the itching but was not completely comfortable. Chancellor also takes thyroid medication. He was brought for “AAT” to get more help with his symptoms. Chancellor improved as we identified and treated food allergies but the complete turn around was when we identified and relieved sensitivity to his medications, thyroxin and Claritin! We asked Chancellor’s person if she would make a comment about AAT. “It’s a miracle. He’s cured!”

“I have suffered with many allergies including the use of cosmetics such as eye shadows and eye liners. They would cause my eyelids to itch, become flaky, red and swollen. After a few AAT treatments to locate the ‘priority’ cause, the allergies have been eradicated! I can now wear cosmetics of choice without any symptoms. Thank you Dr. Maybank!”
Margo E., Collinsville, CT

“It was very upsetting to watch my cat suffer as her arthritis progressed and traditional meds failed her. Thanks to Frontier Medicine, the great staff and PEMF therapy she has a great quality of life again. She is like a kitten; playing, jumping and is a great mouser.”
Charlotte, East Granby CT


“In July 2014, my neighbors 2 BIG Great Pyranese dogs came into my yard,
again. Protecting his territory, our 10 yr. old rat terrier Sasquatch
started a fight with them, again, and this time was seriously injured by
both dogs. I cannot tell you how many stitches he had, but the vet techs
called him Frankenstein. Initially, the vets tried to reattach a huge
flap of skin on the side of his body. Within a week, the flap was removed
and a large open wound was left exposed.

After a week of vet care, Sasquatch was brought home and so began a
regular tender daily routine of 2 washings a day of the wound,
antibiotics, pain killer, and he was confined to a large crate.

During this time, Dr. Allys Maybanks was providing PEMF treatment to our
yearling colt. We started using the PEMF on Sasquatch. I believe his
healing was expedited by the PEMF treatment. You could see a daily
improvement just with the regular washing, but the skin grew back so
quickly and all his wounds were closed and healed by the end of
September – just 2 1/2 months after the confrontation.

Our local vet cannot believe how great he looks and how incredibly quickly
he recovered. Thanks Dr. Maybank!” – Stacy, Bastrop, Texas.


Apolo loves PEMF Therapy

Apolo loves PEMF Therapy

I had a great experience with the PEMF therapy at Frontier Medicine. My 4 year old Labrador, Apolo, has been dealing with a combination of soft tissue problems that kept him chronically lame for about 3 years. After ruling out anything surgical we began PEMF sessions. Immediately I saw more improvement with PEMF than I had from any other modality we had tried up to that point. It seemed that previously he had been “stuck” in his road to rehabilitation and the PEMF was instrumental in getting past that obstacle and has kept him in a steady path of improvement.
Anne, Hebron CT


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After exhausting several different treatment options and medications I brought our precious dog Bruschi to Frontier Medicine. He had been suffering from early onset of arthritis in one of his elbows. After 9 very active years he was hobbling around in apparent discomfort. After just a few PEMF treatments he was running around like the Bruschi we know and love. More importantly, we noticed he was tremendously happy again!
Sandy, W. Springfield MA



Dear Dr. Maybank,
I wanted to thank you so much for all the relief you have given Yodi my Shepherd and Dillon my Horse with the allergy treatments using the AAT holistic approach. As you know I have struggled with both animals for their entire lives with allergies. Dillon received allergy shots for the first 3 years he was with me and this gave him some relief for a few years. He had so many things he was allergic to that I had 2 separate bottle of medicine and he received 2 shots every time. I tried the same type of treatment for Yodi and saw no relief for her. The vet told me it was a 50/50 chance the injections would work.

When you came out and started the treatments for Dillon, I couldn’t believe my eyes. You finished the treatment and we put him in the stall and he stood there for a minute and he scratched on the window sill for a little bit. This was very common. Then the next visit I saw a huge change. I put him in the stall for the 2 hours you recommend and he just stood there. I couldn’t believe it!! He just stood there and looked at me, no scratching, rubbing or becoming a contortionist to get all the all the areas he needed to scratch. As time went on he was still just standing there, unheard-of. Through the spring, which is normally his worst time, he was much better but then I saw an old behavior come back with a vengeance. He was rubbing his face and eyes and neck so hard he had open sores and swelling on his neck and his face had lots of hair loss and scratches all around. When you came to re-test him you found everything you had already done was still in place so you started to search for new things. You found it to be his emotions. I know my horse has quite a strong personality, but had no idea that this could play into tearing his face and neck up. Well, as you worked with him he was bumping me with his face and then when you would reach out to touch him he would stop and stand so still for you. When you pulled your hand away, he went back to bumping me. When you completed the treatment he relaxed, stopped bumping me and just stood there. It was all over. He went out to his paddock and walked in the run-in gave a courtesy rub on a scab and went out to eat the grass. Before that treatment, he wasn’t relaxing and grazing; he was just rubbing his face and was miserable.

Your treatments of Yodi have given the same kind of results. Her allergies reactions consisted of constant licking and chewing until she had sores. She was doing very well until I had the rugs cleaned in the house by an outside company. Well, Yodi went into a scratching mode again. You tested her and she was allergic to bleach and the cleaning chemicals that were all through the house now on the carpets. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but your treatment stopped the problem. She was so much more comfortable and stopped scratching.

Due to all this success with the AAT approach, I have asked my mother who has had terrible allergies her whole life to try this approach with Dr. Hutt. Mom has seen the same fantastic results. While she is much better, she is still working with Dr. Hutt to get much more needed relief. I have all the confidence that this will work as well for her as it has for my animals.

 I want to thank you and Cheryl, Dr. Hutt and your whole staff who have helped to make my mother and my animal friends so much more comfortable with relief from allergy symptoms.Sincerely – Liz, Granby CT


Rocky is a 14 year old elk hound.  As he got older he had trouble getting up and when he was walking I could tell he was in pain.  After all the pain meds my vet told me about Frontier Wellness and the treatments they do.  I was willing to do anything for my dog and hated seeing him in pain.  So after the first treatment I saw a big difference.  He got up on his feet so easy with no pain and is happy now. I would recommend this for everyone that walks on two feet or four that lives with pain. The staff at Frontier Wellness are friendly and are at the top of their game. This stuff really works.” Dan, West Hartford.

Wellness is a reservoir that quickly responds to the daily
challenges of environmental and emotional stress. It is
therefore reasonable to enhance this healing potential with
holistic energy therapies before and not just when ailments

Meet Rosie whose family did not accept that she would only live one or two years. Happy 11th Birthday, Rosie. Keep that wellness working for you.

The Force Be With You. Emotions can remain as energy that dwells between our atomic particles where they can affect subconscious choices. Wellness is resolution of the emotions
that block our pursuit of a full life.

“Hey, my friend. This will help you as well.” The success of energy therapies in all species is validation that it works.