Animal Allergy Relief CT

Frontier Wellness Center is well known for animal allergy relief solutions based in East Granby CT. When pets and their people need treatment for allergies, they come to the professional, caring staff at Frontier Wellness Center.  Discover long lasting relief with our allergy therapies without dependency on drugs. Frontier Wellness specializes in advanced allergy therapeutics to relieve and normalize sensitivities in pets and people. This approach to allergy relief is called Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. We teach the body to settle down the body’s inappropriate reactions to ordinarily harmless substances. Allergy symptoms and sensitivities can quickly be a thing of the past with our AAT work.
Frontier Wellness Center for Animals and People is a unique place of friendship and well-being located in Hartford County CT in East Granby. You will find the compassionate care and cutting edge techniques to heal humans and pets. We provide effective sustainable health care therapies for animals and for people. At Frontier Wellness Center, we combine quality health care with friendship, compassion and fun. Frontier Wellness Center is located minutes from anywhere in Hartford County CT. Call us at (860) 653-7831 for more information.

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