How AAT Works

  • Allergic symptoms are modified via the Autonomic Nervous System which is involved in regulating everything in our bodies.
  • During treatment, gentle pressure is used on back points that correspond with the organ systems involved in a sensitivity reaction.
  • While the stimulation is applied, a digital representation of the allergic substance is transmitted to the surface of the skin. The body recognizes the allergen and associates it with the sedating pressure.
  • This subtle stimulation reflexively reduces the stress on the organ system affected by the allergen, allowing an appropriate response.
  • The reduction of stress to a specific allergen modifies the allergic response quickly.
  • Multiple sensitivities are approached by an algorithm that identifies common components to groups of allergens. Treating the common component will often clear multiple allergens at the same time.
  • If all allergy cases are averaged together (the easiest to most complicated), it may take 4 to 6 treatments to resolve multiple allergies.