Information on your pet’s dental maintenance visit

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Regular dental care for your pet is as important to their overall health as it is to yours.  Neglected teeth and gums can escalate into infections that affect all major organs including the heart, brain and blood.  Developing good oral habits for your pet results in a more pleasant snuggling experience and a longer happier life for your canine or feline companion.

During your pet’s dental appointment, deposits will be removed from the teeth, the teeth will be thoroughly brushed and polished, and antiseptic rinses and gels will be applied to control bacteria, cool down inflammation, and help with halitosis.  No drugs or anesthesia will be administered to your pet.  Herbal relaxants, such as Rescue Remedy, are available.  If you feel like a sedative is required for your pet, this should be discussed with and prescribed by your veterinarian.  You will receive a dental chart and recommended care instructions following your appointment.  A second copy of this information will remain at the clinic for future reference by the doctors.

This method of cleaning is a safe and gentle alternative to improving the oral health of your pet.  All products used are made for dogs and cats and are safe for ingestion (pet toothpastes, antiseptic rinses, etc.).  Home maintenance suggestions will be made and are dependent on the oral findings in your pet’s dental appointment.

How should I prepare?

Since no anesthesia is used, your pet can eat or drink as usually prior to and following the appointment.

You may begin a home maintenance routine prior to the appointment if you feel your pet needs an introduction to oral treatment.  If you have never brushed your pet’s teeth, I suggest simply rubbing the gums gently with your finger.  This step is merely a recommendation and not required prior to your appointment.

Be sure to update us on all health conditions of your pet at the time of your appointment.  This includes arthritis, a seizure disorder, past knee surgery, heart disease, patellar dislocation, etc.  If your pet has any condition that should be noted and you are not a current patient at Frontier Wellness Center, you may be asked to have your pet’s health record faxed to Frontier Wellness prior to your appointment.

Does my pet need antibiotics?

If your pet has a heart condition, organ failure, is going through cancer treatments, or has a severe infection that you are already aware of, please discuss your pet’s dental maintenance appointment with your veterinarian.  He or she may recommend you begin antibiotic treatment 2-3 days prior to your appointment.
In some cases, antibiotics may be recommended after your appointment, if an abscess or infection is identified. Antibiotics must be prescribed through a licensed veterinarian.

Is my pet a candidate for this procedure?

The vast majority of pets do great with their dental maintenance procedure.  That being said, it is important to keep in mind that your pet is fully awake for the duration of their appointment.  There are some pets that are too excited or too stressed to safely sit through their appointment.  Rarely, a pet may be too aggressive.  If this is the case, alternative options will be discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.

If the condition of your pet’s oral health is extreme, two separate appointments may be recommended.

If your pet has any loose teeth, they will not be extracted.  Since your pet is awake and not given any medication, extracting these teeth would be too painful.

If your pet’s overall condition is severe and beyond the scope of this procedure, you may be referred to a veterinarian for a deep cleaning and extractions under anesthesia.



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