Dog Dental Cleaning Simsbury CT


To assure your canine companion’s dental health, come to Frontier Wellness Center for a comprehensive dog dental cleaning. The oral health of your pet is important and should be monitored as part of periodic examination by your veterinarian. A dental health assessment is generally done during a wellness visit or prior to scheduled booster vaccinations. An examination of the gums and teeth may also indicate the presence of any systemic conditions.
Over time scale will build up along the gumline and cause inflammation. Inflammation can set your pet up for more insidious health problems. Left untreated your pet may be at risk for tooth loss, abscess, and oral pain.
When your dog’s teeth begin to show evidence of scale buildup along the gumline, removal of this material will prevent gum inflammation. At Frontier Wellness Center, manual dental scaling is done without general anesthesia. When we show patience, most animals learn to appreciate this service. Our veterinarians will explain the importance of maintaining your dog’s oral health. We are thrilled to show our clients what they can do to keep a pet’s mouth healthy.
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