Holistic Energy Medicine – East Granby CT

Your local resource in greater Hartford CT for holistic energy medicine in East Granby CT is Frontier Wellness Center. At Frontier Wellness, we treat human patients and their animal friends. From horses to fish, cats and dogs and whatever pets you call friends, we have treated in our office.

PEMF Therapy

We have selected Magna Wave PEMF equipment for our practice. We have used PEMF on animals and people to speed healing and alleviate pain. Some of our clients have taped testimonials for our website on behalf of their pets. PEMF Therapy enhances all types of healing and treats pain associated with surgery, arthritis, trauma and disease. With equipment instruction from our certified therapists, PEMF can help normalize your body’s cellular regeneration and will keep it running smoothly. Call (860) 653-7831 for more information.

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Holistic Energy Medicine | East Granby CT | Frontier Wellness Center