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Frontier Wellness Center is well known as the Hartford area’s holistic wellness center of note for Animals and People. Our patients have wonderful things to say about Frontier Wellness Center.


” I have suffered with many allergies including the use of cosmetics such as eye shadows and eye liners. They would cause my eyelids to itch, become flaky, red and swollen. After a few AAT treatments to locate the ‘priority’ cause, the allergies have been eradicated! I can now wear cosmetics of choice without any symptoms. Thank you Dr. Maybank!”     Margo E., Collinsville, CT


Our diagnostic and treatment modalities combine the best cutting edge therapies and traditional western diagnostic techniques. The center in East Granby evolved from a patient-oriented veterinary practice that provided traditional western medicine along with PEMF, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, Herbology, Homotoxicology and much more. Over time, the facility and professional format was reorganized so that animals and their people could see licensed doctors at one facility.


“This past summer I purchased 3 sessions of PEMF at Frontier Wellness Center for a shoulder issue: A very painful aggravation of an old injury. It became impossible to sleep, whether on the injured side or the non-injured side and regular activity was difficult. The PEMF treatments did the trick. After the 3rd session the pain was nonexistent. The healing that took place is amazing. I’m still amazed and so happy not to have my exercise routine or regular daily activity hampered by pain.”     Dee


“Since using the PEMF equipment (my father) has regained use of his paralyzed leg and alleviated almost all pain (severe herpetic neuropathy after shingles infection of the sciatic nerve.) He also has had zero progression of his Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since using PEMF on a daily basis. Thanks for making us aware of the machine that he credits for saving his life.”     Kim


Frontier Wellness Center combines the best of both worlds for veterinary and human patients coming to their practice. They integrate traditional western medicine with cutting edge healing technologies such as Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  They apply Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) to settle down the body’s inappropriate reactions to ordinarily harmless substances. Allergy symptoms and sensitivities can quickly be a thing of the past with their AAT work. Frontier offers services such as Dentistry, Laboratory testing, pharmacy, dietary counseling, behavioral counseling and more. Frontier Wellness Center is located minutes from anywhere in Hartford County. Call us at (860) 653-7831 for more information.



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