PEMF Therapy – part five

My associate went to a conference where PEMF was presented and she asked if we were ready for something new. We were and got the equipment on trial. If a modality works well for me it ends up at Frontier Wellness Center. Once upon a time I fractured my L1 vertebra in an accident along with numerous other injuries. The orthopedist described the joints and discs above and below the fracture as “all mushed up” while moving his hands as if squishing meat patties. I put it all behind me after years of rehab and many modalities and supplements that kept me going forward. Got back to work. Rode across the steppes of Mongolia. Climbed mountains to see monasteries. All possible despite subtle posture changes and some chronic pain annoyances familiar to many individuals my age. Then I placed the PEMF small double coil over my mushed thoracolumbar area and started the equipment on low. I liked it and quickly increased the intensity until I felt the most comfortable movement and joyous awareness of that area that I can ever remember.