Pure natural ingredients.  No cheap Sun Cured Alfalfa. No GMO grains. No cheap filler by-products. No corn with deadly aflatoxin risk. No Beet pulp, Wheat, or low cost fillers of any sort. Just the very best. Grown and produced in the USA.
At Frontier Wellness Center we seek new paradigms and THRIVE is it in horse food.  Ancestral ingredients, natural food preservation, amazing nutrition.


“I discovered the absolutely, positively, best horse food in Texas. I fed it to my horses for 6 weeks and I am as amazed as everyone predicted. It was a real eye opener. I live between my family home in CT and my little ranch in Texas. I started Thrive and discontinued all supplements just before leaving for CT. On my return, my metabolic Cushing’s Disease mare had a sleek coat, increased lean muscle mass no hay belly and no sore feet. My 40+ year old pony was sleek coated with a muscled top line and no hay belly. My teenager Arab lost that hint of a cresty neck and is sleek and shiny. I researched this stuff and it is the real deal. Horse sense, good science and a great story of discovery in the mountains of Mongolia.”

– Dr. Allys Maybank

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