Trinfinity 8


Frontier Wellness Center introduces remote access to the algorithmic vibrational healing of Trinfinity8 for anti-aging and healing.

Dr. Hutt, our naturopathic physician, has provided Trinfinity8 anti-aging sessions in office and remotely for over a year with significant and equal results.

Remote healing is an application of quantum theoretical physics in regards to time and space.

“Quantum theory is used in a huge variety of applications in everyday life including lasers, CDs, DVDs, solar cells, fiber-optics, digital cameras, photocopiers, bar-code readers, fluorescent lights, LED lights, transistors, semi-conductors, super-conductors, spectroscopy, MRI scanners, etc. By some estimates over 25% of the GDP of developed countries is directly based on Quantum physics” – Luke Mastin, The Physics of the Universe.


Trinfinity 8 Anti Aging remote healing program.

This series lasts for 12 weeks. There will be 3 treatments per week, 90 minutes each session, scheduled for 3am Eastern as they work best during Theta sleep.

Each week builds on the prior one as we systematically go through each of the organ systems clearing the way for ultimate energetic flow and youthfulness.

The anti aging protocols appear to decrease the free radical burden in the body and decrease oxidation of all tissues allowing the return to a healthier state of being.


 The Program Basics

  •  The first week focuses on opening up the emunctories which are the drainage organs of the

body. The liver, kidney, and skin are the major ones.


  • Each subsequent week includes all the prior treatments in addition to the new focus

– Drainage of the extra cellular matrix

– Drainage of the intra cellular matrix

– Reconnection with our innate energy and vital force

– Addressing neurotransmitter function to re-balance the brain, endocrine organs, hormones, lymphatic system, immune system and their optimal inter-communication with all tissues in the body.

– Energetic re-balancing of the nerves, muscles, blood, bone, skin, collagen, elastin and fibrin

– Repairing telomere damage of DNA

– Oxygenation of the whole body

– Nutritional energization of the whole body

– Revitalization of specific conditions and areas such as greying or thinning hair, wrinkles, skin tone or acne, nails, eyes, chin, face, reproductive organs, tummy, butt, legs, arms, etc.


  • All sessions begin with clearing the auric field and balancing the energy field


  • The best testimonial we’ve heard is, “Wow, you look better than the last time I saw you 20 years ago.”



 Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the Trinfinity 8 and how does it work?

It’s a health and beauty aid designed by Dr Kathi Forti. Feel free to check out the website

for a full description of the mathematical algorithms that produce the vibrational healing.

 How long will it take to notice results?

Not all results will be as obvious as others. Some people feel their skin tightening and

others feel energy improvement, or their nails are stronger or their hair is thicker. The

program is designed to repair from the cellular level, not to merely sculpt the outer layer.

 Should I feel something while its on?

Most people don’t feel more than some tingling.


 Will it keep me awake?

Most people sleep very well and wake relaxed.

 Are there any health conditions that are contraindicated?

Pregnancy is not the right time for this program, nor is having a pacemaker.

 Is it possible to have an adverse reaction to it?

The first week is all about detoxing so drinking plenty of water will help flush out your

system so you don’t feel fatigued from all the toxins you’re dumping.

 Are there any blood tests that can show it’s working?

There is a blood test that determines the functional age of your DNA so doing one before

and after may be of interest.

 Do I have to keep doing this forever or is one series enough?

Just like any other health and beauty program, a follow up maintenance plan is suggested.

We will have various options available to you.

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