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Frontier Wellness Center in East Granby CT offers a full range of veterinary services to pets of all types. We use the best technology for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Our focus is on healing, combining the best that western and eastern disciplines have to offer.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services:  Our clinic is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pets’ complete health care needs.

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Acupuncture: Our doctors are trained and licensed acupuncturists.  Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of problems, such as pain, medical conditions, neurological conditions, trauma and many symptoms that are untreatable with traditional western medicine.

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Chiropractic: Our doctors have completed veterinary chiropractic certification.  Chiropractic manipulation relieves pain, aids circulation and opens neurological pathways.

Magna Wave PEMF TherapyAt Frontier Medicine our MagnaWave PEMF equipment is used to treat pain and medical issues including but not limited to arthritic joint pain, acute and chronic joint injury, acute and chronic muscle injury, bone injury, nerve injury, spinal pathology and other organ tissue repair.  We see the modality as remarkable on its own or alongside other therapies.  As always in energetic biological beings, the treatments and results vary per the circumstances of each patient.

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Homotoxicology:  Homotoxicology integrates homeopathy with allopathic medicine to help detoxify the body and restore its natural biorhythms.  One method that we use is mesotherapy, which involves injecting a mixture of homeopathics, vitamins and local anesthetics into mesodermal tissue under the skin to help reduce discomfort and improve range of motion.  Autosanguinous therapy increases the body’s ability to combat chronic and acute infections by enhancing its immune function.

Dentistry:  We provide manual dental scaling without general anesthesia.  When we show patience, most animals learn to appreciate this service.  We are thrilled to show our clients what they can do to keep a pet’s mouth healthy.

Laboratory:  We provide many in house laboratory tests for all species.  Most outside laboratory results are available in less than 24 hours, test permitting.   We overnight to special laboratories around the nation.

Pharmacy:  We maintain an inventory of pharmaceuticals, select vaccines, homotoxicology reagents, vitamins, herbs and supplements. Pharmaceutical prescriptions, shampoos, flea and tick control products, heartworm preventatives, prescription diets, specialty diets and accessory products are specially ordered from reliable sources to fill all your prescription needs.

Dietary Counseling:  We will provide guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance.  We are especially aware of diet sensitivities that may be acute, chronic or accumulated.

Behavioral Counseling:  We can provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling and aggression.

Soft Paws:  They’re humane, sensible and successful.  Fun too!  Soft paws prevent damage by cats and dogs to the environment and themselves.  We can do these applications for you or get you started to do it yourself.

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Advanced Allergy Therapeutics:  A breakthrough technology that eliminates reactions due to allergies and sensitivities.  It is non-invasive and is safe, painless and effective on all ages and breeds.

Friendship:  We thoroughly enjoy the company of you and yours and the experience of many animal relationships through our contact with patients and clients.

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