Why See a Holistic Provider? East Granby CT

Frontier Wellness Center is a Holistic provider in the greater Hartford CT area. We successfully treat human patients and their pet loved ones in our East Granby office. Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person in the quest for optimal health and wellness. At Frontier Wellness Center we respect traditional healing techniques while embracing sustainable advanced technologies. We are the leading holistic wellness center in Hartford County. As such, we select appropriate therapies for our clients that address the root cause of ailments.

Our physicians are licensed to treat people as well as their pets at the same facility. Our diagnostic and treatment modalities combine the best cutting edge therapies and traditional western diagnostic techniques. Our therapies are rooted in ancient tradition and the latest electromagnetic frequency technology. Our physicians use a hands-on healing approach rather than reliance on pharmaceuticals to reduce pain and inflammation. Even our advanced allergy therapeutics correct the body’s response to allergens.  Frontier Wellness Center is located minutes from anywhere in Hartford County. Book an appointment online or call us at (860) 653-7831 for more information.

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Why See a Holistic Provider? | East Granby CT | Frontier Wellness Center